Top 5 Best DBD Survivor Builds 2023

Hello and welcome back to a new article. This article will showcase the Top 5 Best DBD Survivor builds for 2023. To make them more interesting, some will be made for specific purposes (for example hook sabotaging.) As always these builds are for inspiration and so feel free to change them in anyway to better match your prefered playstyle.

The Best DBD Hook Sabotage Build

This build is the best (and most fun) build for hook sabotaging. The perks are as follows:

Empathy – See the auras of injured survivors in a 128 meter range (unless they are in direct contact with the killer)

Breakout – Whilst you are within 5 meters of the killer (and the killer is carrying a survivor) you gain a 7 percent buff to your movement speed and the survivor will increase their wiggle speed by 25 percent

Saboteur – When the killer picks up a survivor you will see the auras of hooks (within a 56-meter radius) with scourge hooks being highlighted yellow. This perk also allows you to sabotage a hook every 60 seconds without the need for a toolbox, which is handy for if your toolbox runs out of charges

Flash Bang – After you complete 50 percent of the repairs on a generator you can hop in a locker and craft a flash bang. You can toss this at your feet before sabotaging a hook in the killer’s face so they are put in a very difficult spot.

Deadhard – (you can only use 4 perks so I recommend swapping this out with empathy if you are playing in a SWF or Flash Bang if you want more survivability) This perk activates after you are unhooked and allows you to dive forward (while injured) giving you the endurance status effect temporarily allows you to tank a hit if timed correctly.

Great video showing this build in action!

The Sneaky Beaky DBD Survivor Build

This build is designed to be played by someone who loves to play immersed and slither their way across the map.

Distortion – You start with 3 tokens, whenever a killer perk/ability would reveal your location it doesn’t and instead consumes 1 token you also leave no scratch marks for 10 seconds. To refill your tokens you simply stay within the killer’s terror radius to gain 1 token per 30 seconds.

Plot Twist – Plot twist is usable when you are injured. Whilst injured simply go someone away from the killer (preferably in cover) crouch and press the ability button. You will then flop onto the floor silently and upon you fully recovering you will stand back up at full health (can only be used once with the perk being able to be used one more time once the gates are powered). This is a great survivalist perk and allows you to heal without the use of a medkit. You can also run inner strength + a map (or just knowing where totems spawn) if you prefer.

Urban Evasion – This perk allows you to move twice as fast while crouching. Pretty straightforward.

Clairvoyance – After cleansing or blessing a totem (dull or hex) you can hold your ability button (while empty-handed) to see the auras of exit gates, generators, hooks, chests and also the HATCH. This perk allows for an easy hatch escape if the match goes south. Simply loiter around the middle of the map until the hatch spawns, use the perk and you will beat the killer to the hatch 9 times out of 10.

Pro Tip: For maximum build effectiveness, play a character who has dark clothing (for example Claudette with her bloody prestige clothes)

A great video by Otzdarva showing the Clairvoyance perk in action!

The Most Meta Survivor Build

This build is simply about as meta of a build you can create for maximum survivability. Great for increasing your survivor grade!

Lithe – Every meta build needs an exhaustion perk and in my opinion, lithe is one of the best. While you aren’t exhausted when you fast vault a window or pallet you will run at 150 percent speed for 3 seconds after the vault allowing you to make tonnes of distance. This perk makes you exhausted for 40 seconds after use.

Windows Of Opportunity – This perk is amazing for looping the killer. It allows you to see the auras of all pallets, windows, and breakable walls within a 32-meter range. This allows you to plan out your looping route and make helps sure you always have an escape plan.

Made For This – While you are injured: You gain a 3 percent speed boost and after you finish healing another survivor you gain endurance (can tank a hit) for the next 10 seconds. I honestly have no idea what the developers were thinking about adding this perk to the game, not only do you get a flat 3 percent speed boost while injured but can also get a free heal-off in risky locations.

Resilience – While injured you get a 9 percent speed boost to basically every action including generator repairs (very good), unhooking, chest unlocking, vaulting (absolutely bonkers), sabotaging, healing, cleansing/blessing totems, and opening exit gates. This perk is absolutely busted in its own right but when paired with Made For This you will run and vault faster. Crazy!

Option perk substitutions. If you are noticing that you are dying frequently try running Adrenaline (heals you once all generators are repaired) or Plot Twist (described in the Sneaky Beaky build)

Self-Care DBD Survivor Build (Infinite Heals)

With the recent nerf to medkits you may be thinking that healing is a lot harder. It’s not lol. The build allows you to constantly heal your self to keep your self alive without the need to bug your team mates.

Self Care – Allows you to heal yourself without a medkit at 35 percent of the normal speed.

Botany Knowledge – Healing speed increased by 50 percent. The downside to this perk is it reduces your medkit healing efficiency by 20 percent, but since this is a self-care build this doesn’t matter. If you want to run a medkit still run a brown medkit with an auto heal syringe.

Resilience – This perk is explained above in more detail, in short, it gives you a 9 percent speed increase to pretty much all actions while injured. This perk is great as you can heal yourself 9 percent fast and then you want to “99” your heal (almost fully heal yourself leaving yourself slightly away from a full heal) so that you keep the benefits of extra generator repair speed and can quickly complete your heal if the killer comes to you.

Reactive Healing – Whenever a survivor loses a health state within a 32 meter range (healthy to injured or injured to downed) you increase your healing progression by 50 percent of the missing healing progression. This perk allows you to increase your healing speed even further, if you feel that this perk is a bit overkill at this point maybe replace it with an exhaustion perk or Windows Of Opportunity to help you while being chased.

Legal Survivor Wall Hacks DBD Build

To end off this build I will be going over a Dead By Daylight survivor build that is focused on being able to see the killer at all times.

Alert – Whenever the killer breaks something, you see their aura for 5 seconds.

Fogwise – When you hit a great skill check while repairing a generator you see the killers aura for 6 seconds.

Dark Sense – Once a generator is completed: for 10 seconds if the killer comes within a 24-meter range of you, their aura is revealed. This is a great perk as killer often rush over to completed generators.

Windows Of Opportunity/Whatever you want – To round this build off (and to keep within the theme of the “Wall Hack Build”) I recommend windows of opportunity to help you in chase but you can use whatever you want.

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