Product Review Razer Cynosa Lite Gaming Keyboard

Razer Cynosa Lite Gaming Keyboard: An Overview

The Razer Cynosa Lite Gaming Keyboard is a reliable, and highly customizable keyboard that allows for different themes and desktop preferences to be matched. It is trustworthy and rarely has any issues regarding display, aesthetics, or function allowing you to be worry-free regarding all uses of the keyboard. It can be used for a wide range of things such as gaming, work, or writing articles (like I am now). It is very versatile and useful, and an all-around decent product, but further on I will go over more in-depth into specific functions.

Razer Cynosa Lite: Functions and Versatility

The product is mostly designed for gaming, as is evident by its sleek design and appealing features such as customizable light-up keycaps. These features combine to make it a both functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to your gaming set-up. It is easy to use and designed in a way that is comfortable to use for almost all purposes. It is similar enough to a traditional keyboard (while maintaining a healthy and reasonable level of unique functions) that it can be easily used by anyone with little knowledge of computers, all the way up to people who just want an upgrade or change to their well-used current equipment. As mentioned previously, the product is mainly used and designed for gaming, however, it can easily be used for a variety of other uses, such as work-related purposes, business, schoolwork/studying, and writing stories or articles. I have personally used it for almost all of these reasons and found no issues or faults with the keyboard or its compatibility with any other parts of my setup. It also contains no difficulties to set up or begin using.

Razer Cynosa Lite: Customizability

(Install the app here on the company’s main website: Razer Website)

The features and options concerning customizability and the keyboard settings are a very large part of the overall services and functions this product offers.

Gaming mode: One huge part of the customizability is the ability to turn “gaming mode” on and off. Gaming mode offers a wide range of advantages that will transform, or at least better, your gaming experience. When activated, the Windows key will be disabled, meaning you will not accidentally tab out of your game while using nearby keys such as “ctrl”. This is very useful and can prevent any distractions from your gaming session. Another use of gaming mode is disabling the “alt + tab” function, providing a similar advantage to the disabling of the Windows key, once again providing a way to prevent any distractions or accidental mis-clicks from your game. It also disables “alt – f4”, meaning you will not accidentally close down your game. Closing down your game with this feature can be extremely frustrating, which is why the ability to disable it is so beneficial to have as an option. If you do not like using your PC for gaming, you can have the gaming mode feature permanently off. If your PC is shared between family and/or friends or used for various purposes, you can set the gaming mode to only be active while games are open on the PC. In addition, all but the Windows key features can be disabled or enabled, even while gaming mode is active, maximizing customization and minimizing disruption to your experience.

Lighting features: You can adjust the lighting to match with various themes and purposes you want to use the keyboard for. Firstly, the brightness can be adjusted (from 1-100) meaning you can fully show your keyboard’s maximum power and colors with 100, have a moderate level with somewhere around 50, or minimize distractions from working, business, or other projects with a low brightness. In addition, the brightness can be brought to 0, in which the lighting will be off and not be a distraction or inconvenience. You can also set the keyboard’s lighting to be disabled after a specific amount of time, allowing for fewer lights around the room while the computer is not in use.

Screenshot of the Razer Cynosa Lite Brightness Customization Menu:

Razer Cynosa Lite Brightness Customization Menu

In addition, there are many settings that can be achieved, including: “Breathing” (where the lights come on and off in a slow, smooth transition, which also allows you to choose 2 colors to alternate between or, alternatively you can select for the colors to be random), “Static” (allows for one color of choice to be selected which will be maintained until the setting is changed) and “Spectrum cycling” (constantly alternates between many different colors). All of these personalization opportunities come together to create the ideal keyboard for anyone and any purpose.

Example of the different colors you can choose from:

Razer Cynosa Lite Color Customization Options


In conclusion, this keyboard is a highly versatile, reliable, customizable, and all-round great addition to anyone’s setup. The price (as of 11/06/2023) is around 30 dollars making it a very budget gaming keyboard that does not compromise on potential. It also comes with some extra stickers, acting as a kind of bonus to further upgrade the appearance and theme of your setup.

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