Best DBD Survivor Perk Combos

Hello and welcome back to another DBD Survivor perk guide. Today I will be going over some of my favorite Survivor perk combos (perks that work really well together and complement each other). These perk combos won’t necessarily be full builds and will usually consist of 2-3 perks that just synchronize together really well and can therefore be slotted into any build. For full builds check out this article for The Top 5 Best DBD Survivor Builds.

The Teamwork Combo

This is a great combination when playing with a friend and allows you to gain considerable buffs for simply healing and staying near each other.

Teamwork: Collective Stealth – Whenever a survivor finishes healing you, you both leave no scratch marks as long as you stay within 12 meters of each other. Once used it has a cooldown of 140 seconds.

Teamwork: Power Of Two – Whenever you finished healing another survivor you both move 5 percent faster as long as you stay within 12 meters of the killer. Just like the other “Teamwork” perk this perk also has a 140-second cooldown

Blood Pact – This combo is already amazing but if you want to increase it even more, run this perk too! Whenever you or the obsessions are injured you can both see each other’s auras (with no distance requirement). Once either of you heal each other you both gain a 7 percent haste status effect for as long as you stay within 16 meters of each other. This perk only works if you are not the obsession and also decreased your chance to be the obsession.

Made for this (Optional but recommended) This perk really completed the build giving you a 3 percent speed boost while injured + endurance for 10 seconds whenever you heal another survivor. This complements the build in two ways as it increased your speed (like Power of Two and Bloodpact) and lets you tank a hit after completing a healing action (which is great as all the other perks require you to heal someone).

Important notes for this build:

You cannot stack more than one copy of either of the teamwork perks (you can have both of them active at once but only one copy of each)

Blood Pact requires your friend to be the obsession so to increase the chances of this happening they need to run a perk that boosts their chance to be the obsession such as Object Of Obsession or Desisve Strike.

Another optional perk would be Boon Dark Theory which increases the speed of all survivors within the boon radius by a flat 2 percent.

You can also run hope with this build which gives you a 7 percent increased speed once the exit gates are powered.

I am fairly sure that Power Of Two and Bloodpact stack (as seen in the video below) but this may change in the future.

The Teamwork Combo In Action

The Wall Hack Combo

The wallhack combo consists of aura reading perks stacked with Open Handed to have incredibly long-range aura reading capabilities.

Open-Handed – This perk increases the range of your (and every other survivor in the match) aura reading abilities by 16 meters. Amazing perk as not only is the effect strong but you also buff your team.

Windows Of Opportunity – Auras of pallets, breakable walls, and windows are shown to you in a 32-meter radius (plus 16 so 48 if you run Open-Handed).

Bond – You see the auras of all survivors within a 36-meter radius (plus 16 from open-handed so in total 52 meters). Essentially this gives you cross-map information on all survivor locations making it super useful for Solo Q.

Dark Sense – After a generator is completed, if the killer comes within 24 meters (40 with open-handed) of you, you see their aura for 10 seconds.

I am not going to list any more perks as I think you get the idea. Open-Handed works with quite literally any survivor aura reading perk and buffs all your team making it an amazing SWF perk (as only one person needs to run it).

Self Care Combo

Self-care is a perk that allows you to heal yourself at a significantly reduced speed. On its own, it’s not a great perk but when combined with some of the perks on this list, it is very nice.

Self Care – You can heal yourself (without the need for a medkit) at 35 percent speed

Resilience – Boosts the speed of basically every action in the game by 9% while injured. This is great as it also increased your healing speed making it a great combo perk with Self Care.

Botany Knowledge – Increased healing speed by 50 percent with the downside of decreasing healing item (medkits) efficiency by 20 percent. This downside doesn’t matter though as we aren’t using a medkit.

Reactive Healing – Whenever a survivor gets injured or downed within a 32-meter range you increase your healing progression by 50 percent.

Strategies To Implement With This Combo

99 your heal (almost complete the heal but leave a tiny bit unhealed) to remain injured in order to benefit from the increased generator speed from resilience.

Since Botany Knowledge reduces medkit charges, if you want to run a medkit use the Anti-Hemorrhagic-Syringe as this doesn’t require charges.

The Double Wammy Combo

This perk combo has been around for ages and despite the recent Decisive Strike nerfs it still absolutely smacks. The perk combo works by running Decisive Strike (DS) and Deliverance. Deliverance lets you unhook yourself and DS allows you to stun the killer if the killer decides to down you.

Decisive Strike – After you get unhooked (or unhook yourself like in the case of this combo) for 60 seconds if the killer tries to pick you up, you will be given a hard skill check and if you hit it, you stun the killer and escape their grasp. Please bear in mind that doing any action (pretty much) will deactivate Decisive Strike.

Deliverance – After you safely unhook another survivor, the next time you get hooked you can unhook yourself with a 100 percent chance. After you successfully escape the hook you will be given the broken status effect (unable to be healed) for 60 seconds.

An optional Substitute for Deliverance would be slippery meat which increased your escape attempts on the hook and increases your chance for them to succeed. This is generally a worse perk though as it doesn’t come with a guaranteed chance to succeed. To increase your chances with this perk get your teammates to run luck offerings like “Vigo’s Jar Of Salty Lips” or the perk “Up The Ante”.

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