How To Earn Robux On Roblox

In this article, we will discuss the many ways in which you can earn Robux. It will cover many ways on how you can earn Robux and will include some new ways that have been added recently.

How To Earn Robux: Buying Robux

Now, most of you probably know that the main way people get Robux is by buying it. This is the most basic method and probably the most popular method to get Robux. This also includes Roblox Premium (formerly Builders Club) which gives you a certain amount of Robux every month, for a monthly fee, like a membership. This is a very reliable and obvious way to make Robux, however, I’m assuming that most of you have come to this article in order to learn how to make Robux without having to pay.

Some images of Robux and Premium prices:

How To Earn Robux: Developing

Developing is probably the most popular way to make Robux apart from buying it. Now, developing is a very broad term and covers a lot, which is why this will likely be the largest part of the article. Let’s break down developing, and first focus on actually making games. Developing can be used to make a game, which in turn can make you Robux. There are 3 ways games make Robux: purchases of developer products, purchases of game passes, and premium payout.

Developer products are things you can buy multiple times (e.g. money in-game).
Game passes are permanent, one-time purchases.

Premium payout is payment for time users with premium spend in your game.
This can make a lot of Robux due to people enjoying games and being happy to spend money on them often, especially when the game is well thought-out and has interesting mechanics.

Games can be made by you, meaning you could learn how to code and build, or you could pay others (or offer a percentage of the earnings) to do developing work on your game. It is worth mentioning, Roblox takes a 30% tax on in-game purchases, so if someone buys something for 100 Robux, you get 70. You could even do some of both, say you learn to code and hire a builder to help (or vice versa).

However, managing a game can take a lot of hours/work and oftentimes can be stressful, but there is a workaround for this. You could do freelance work, and instead of hiring people to work on your game, you could be hired to work on others. You could do this for either a percentage of the game’s revenue or for a straight Robux payment, however unfortunately this does require a considerable amount of experience in coding. There is also a risk of someone not paying you what they owe, which is why taking an upfront payment of half or so may be a good idea. However, for the first few jobs you do people may not trust you enough to do that, so you may just have to try and make do until you build a nice portfolio of work that you have done. Although this method of developing may have its downsides, it means you can avoid the stress and responsibility of owning and maintaining a game yourself. Some examples of developer skills are: coding/programming, building, 3d modeling, creating graphics, etc

How To Earn Robux: UGC Creating

UGC (user-generated content) is a way for 3D modelers to make accessories (mainly for the head) for Roblox avatars. This allows some users to create accessories and sell them to other players in order to make Robux (30% of the total purchase amount). Unfortunately, only a limited number of users have access to this feature, and there is sadly no official application system to get into the program. However, if you can build enough of a reputation to be chosen for it, you can make a lot of Robux doing it. A good way to get Roblox to notice you and offer you a position in the program is to post your work/creations on Twitter and @ them. Good luck!

Trading (or buying and selling) limited items

Some items on the Roblox page are limited items, meaning only a certain number exist, and they can be traded or bought/sold by players. This can be used to turn a profit on these items, however, when sold Roblox does take a 30% tax. In addition, one flaw is that you will need at least 1000-3000 robux in order to begin this strategy, due to you needing to buy some limiteds to begin. In general, you should look out for items that have: high demand, rising prices, and low supply and are cheap enough for you to buy and flip for a profit. One issue is you cannot DevEx any robux you make from this method, meaning you cannot make real money from it.

DevEx (Developer Exchange)

DevEx is essentially a way for you to trade your Robux back into Roblox for money, adding an incentive for people to make content on the site. The current DevEx rate as I’m writing this is $105 USD for 30,000 Robux, however, it changes sometimes. Please note you must be 13 years of age (or older) to utilize DevEx.


In conclusion, there are many ways to make Robux on Roblox, and if you are willing to put the time and effort in, you may even be able to make real money. 

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