Best Dead By Daylight Pig Build 2023

Introduction To The Pig DBD

Hello and welcome to another Dead by daylight killer build. This build will be on “The Pig”. The Pig (aka Amanda Young) was released with the DBD Saw chapter on the 23rd of January 2018. Since then The Pig has had a few changes over the years but the general gameplay style has remained basically the same. The Pig is often seen as a weaker killer due to her having very little anti-loop and being usually quite bad at chasing survivors, however, this build aims to enhance her best attributes and if played well The Pig can do quite well.

The Pig DBD Killer Powers

The Pig has a few different powers in her kit. This section will go over each one in-depth.

Power: Jigsaws Baptism

This power gives the pig 4 reverse bear traps at the start of each round (this can be affected by addons). These traps cannot be replenished/refilled in any way so it is important to make each one count. At the start of the trail 5 “Jigsaw Boxes” are also spawned. The way this power works is that whenever a survivor is downed by any means, you can approach the downed survivor and attach one of your bear traps. Bear traps remain inactive until a generator is completed, once a generator is completed the Pig’s Bear trap will activate creating a timer (150 seconds) that ticks down. If the timer reaches 0 the trap will instantly kill the survivor regardless of their current hook stage. In order to not die from the bear traps, survivors must interact with the jigsaw boxes located around the map in which they complete skill checks in an attempt to remove the trap. A survivor may get lucky and remove the trap after interacting with their first Jigsaw Box or it may take up to 4 tries in order to remove the trap. An important thing to note is that if a survivor has an active bear trap on their head, they cannot escape through the exit gate and if they attempt to they will be instantly killed.

Power Crouching:

At any point, the pig can crouch causing her to move slower and gain the “Undetectable” status effect (the undetectable status effect removes her terror radius.) She can uncrouch at any point however, this will cause the Pig’s terror radius to return.

Power Dash Attack:

While crouched, the pig can charge up her dash attack which once fully charged, allows her to lunge forward incredibly fast. If you make contact with the survivor while dashing you will cause them to lose one health state just like a basic killer attack.

The Pig DBD Build

For this build, the main focus is gen slow down with some end-game potential. The Perks are as follows:

Perk: Deadlock

This perk activates when a generator is completed and causes the generator with the highest amount of progress to be blocked for 30 seconds. For the duration the generator is blocked the aura will be revealed to you in white. This perk is amazing as it activates automatically without the need for any user input and prevents multiple generators from being popped at once. This makes the perks especially good in the early game where in your first chase 3 generators can frequently be completed.

Perk: Corrupt Intervention

This perk activates at the start of the match. It blocks the 3 generators furthest away from you for 120 seconds. This perk deactivates if you down a survivor. This perk is great as it slows the early game down by a huge amount as the generators that the survivors spawn close to are blocked. This forces the survivors to go to generators which are located closer to you. This is a great generator slow-down perk and allows you to get some quick early-game downs.

Perk: Save The Best For Last

This perk causes one survivor to become your obsession. Every time you hit a survivor with your basic attack you gain 1 token (up to 8). Each token grants a 5 percent decreased cool down on a successful basic attack and at maximum tokens it will cause a 40 percent decreased cool down. If you hit your obsession with a basic attack you will lose 2 tokens and if the obsession is killed you cannot gain or lose tokens. This perk allows you to catch up to survivors incredibly fast and thus massively decreasing the time it takes to down a survivor. The reason this perk is particularly good on The Pig is that if you want to hit your obsession, you can you just need to use your dash attack instead and this will cause you to lose no stacks.

Perk: No Way Out

Every time you hook a unique survivor you gain 1 token up to a maximum of 4. Once all generators are completed, No Way Out activates. Whenever a survivor approaches an exit gate, both exit gates are instantly blocked for 12 seconds + an additional 12 seconds for each token the perk has. At maximum effectiveness, this perk blocks the gates for a total of 60 seconds. This perk is an amazing end-game perk as it stops the survivors from instantly escaping, thus allowing you to hopefully secure at least one kill in the end-game.

DBD Pig Build Add-ons

The pig has a large number of add-ons to choose from. The add-ons for this build are as follows:

Add-on Rules Set No.2

This addon causes survivors to not be able to see the aura of jigsaw boxes until they have an activated trap on their heads. This add-on helps prevent survivors from removing their traps early as they will not know where to remove their traps until the timer is already ticking down. Although this perk will often not cause bear trap kills, it does massively increase their fatality rate and generator slow down.

Add-on Jigsaw’s Sketch

This addon grants you an additional bear trap (so you start with 5 traps in total) and also reveals the aura of generators that are being worked on by a survivor who has a bear trap on their head. This add-on is mainly used for the extra trap for more chances of a bear trap instant kill and additional generator slow down.

DBB The Pig Build Strategy

So now that we have covered The Pig’s power and the add-ons and perks for this particular build, it’s time to talk about this build’s strategy. So at the start of the round, the generators will be blocked by corrupt intervention so the survivors will venture close to you in order for them to find unblocked generators. You want to try to capitalize on this with an early game down or two. Once the survivor is downed you want to put a trap on their head. Ideally, only put a trap on the head of survivors when you believe a generator is likely to be completed soon as this will cause their trap to become active very quickly and increase the likelihood of a head pop. However, due to the perk Rules Set NO.2 this isn’t super necessary as they won’t be able to see Jig saw boxes until their trap is active anyway. Once a survivor has an active bear trap, they will ignore generators/healing in order to prioritize getting their hat off. While they are trying to get their hat off, you want to harass the survivor as much as possible as they will usually be injured and easy to down and out positioned. Keep track of which Jigsaw boxes the survivor has interacted with so you can predict which box they will go to next so you can ambush them. Bear in mind that while in chase the trap’s death timer will not tick down so if you want to maximize the chances of a trap kill, crouch and sneak up on the survivor while they attempt to remove their trap and down them that way. Try to ignore hitting the obsession so you can build stacks of STBFL and if you have to hit the obsession use your dash attack to avoid losing stacks. Also, try to hook each survivor at least once to get 4 no way out stacks. With Corrupt, Deadlock, and your 5 traps, you should be slowing generators down a tonne which should give you enough time to kill a few survivors before the endgame. If the endgame is approaching, try to get a trap on the heads of some survivors so that once the last generator is completed, their traps become active and they can’t leave until they remove them. If the game reaches the end-game, use the intel from no way out to locate which gate the survivors are attempting to open and try to down and hook them. Prioritise survivors with active traps in the end game as they cannot leave until they remove their traps.

Concluding thoughts on The Pig Dead By Daylight

In conclusion, The Pig is a C-tier-ish killer with a huge amount of generator slow-down potential, some stealth, and a chance for a quick instant kill (although a relatively small one). The pig is a great beginner character as she is easy to understand and learn and has a simple power. I hope you enjoyed this guide, I will leave a link below to various helpful resources including Wiki pages and YouTubers who mainly play The Pig. Also, a huge shoutout to CMWinter (whose channel will also be linked below) as this build is heavily inspired by him.

Links to Pig-related content:

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