The Wild West Roblox Trading Guide

Introduction To Wild West Roblox Trading

The black market (where you trade) is in Puerto Dorado, underneath the general store (there is a staircase leading down to the black market). You need a “trading ticket” – formerly a “black market key”, which can be used to unlock the door.  You may get a friend to unlock the door, but an NPC named “Big Jimmy” will attempt to eliminate you, he is invincible. Once you sit down, on a chair and someone sits across from you, the trading menu will open, you can enter pure cash (up to $500,000) and up to 6 items from your inventory to trade. You will see your trading partner’s offer on a separate menu that mirrors yours. It is worth noting you can only trade certain items, but the only ones worth trading are mainly event items or auction weapons. In addition, there will be a fee, the greater items you are trading/offering, the bigger the fee and it will come straight out of the cash you have. There is also a ten-second window after a trade to allow you to change your mind after you accept it if you do not think the trade is good.

Some screenshots to help find the black market and the trading menu:

Auction House (Wild West Roblox)

In the auction house, you will buy most things that you will want to trade. You and other players compete to buy items to sell or keep and use. Either way, you will have to buy from here to start trading (at least a trade ticket) and probably other stuff, unless you only want to trade event items and such.
There are many instruments here: Guitars,  accordions, fiddles, trumpets, flutes, harmonicas and drums (from highest to lowest price).
However, the main and most valuable items are auction weapons: Spitfire, Paterson navy, Axegonne, Kukri machete, Lancaster, Prototype pistol, Guycot carbine, and Guycot pistol (from highest to lowest price).
In summary, the auction house is where you will get all or most of your tradable items and begin to build your wealth.
Some screenshots of the auction house, and the auction menu:

Common Trading Terms

These are just some common terms that are shortened for ease of typing, and they are listed here so you don’t get confused when trading.
GCC = Guycot Carbine
GCP = Guycot Pistol
Pat = Paterson Navy
Lanc = Lancaster
Proto = Prototype Pistol
TY = Thank You
NTY = No Thank You
Add = They want you to offer more
W/W Trade = A good/winning trade.
L/L Trade = A bad/losing trade.
F/F Trade = fair trade – do not lose or gain value.
T – log = Thunderstruck log
T – cacti = Thunderstruck cactus juice
OP = Overpay
Spit = Spitfire

How To Grind (Wild West Roblox)

The most efficient method of grinding is mining. It really does not matter where you mine as long as it has some decent ores, like gold and silver. You also have a chance of obtaining gems, which sell for more. Hunting is also a good way to earn money as it has a chance to make an animal spawn back as legendary. When legendary animals spawn, it notifies everyone in the chat, but if you find it first, you can make over $4,500 from that single animal. You can also try to farm T – logs ($2000) and T – cacti ($3000) in order to make money, but it also notifies everyone, so it may require some PVP. I would only recommend grinding until you have bought 1 trading ticket and 1-3 auction weapons, then you should start trading.

Supply And Demand

Some items have low supply but high demand and vice versa, making them easier to trade and more likely to get overpay offers. One example is the Paterson Navy, it has low supply, but very high demand, hence the price going up and more people willing to overpay for them. If you can predict future changes in the market or even just know the current state of the market, you can manipulate demand to make huge profits and get large overpays. This can help you multiply your value/net worth very quickly. Another example of this is when Spitfires left the auction, people who already had them made huge profits. Say someone had 5, and the original value was $1 million per spitfire, they would have $5 million worth. If the prices rise to $3 million per, then they will have $15 million worth, meaning they made $10 million.

In-Depth Trading Strategies

There are a lot of trading strategies, but I will just cover a few that are particularly effective or useful.
Strategy #1 (Downgrading) – Say you have 3 items of “mid” value, sell them each for 3 items of “low” value, now you have 9 “low” value items, this is called downgrading. This can help you to make a profit and also be more flexible with trading as you have more possible items to trade.
Strategy #2 (Upgrading) – Say you have those 9 “low” value items, you may now be able to trade all of them for one “high” value item. This means you will be less flexible, but have more high-quality items and a more stable net worth.

Explanation Of Serial Numbers

Serial Numbers (Or Serials) are just numbers that appear after a weapon. If it has the serial “#1” it was the first to ever sell, “#2” was the second, and so on. The lower the serial, the more value it has, not because it is more powerful, but due to its symbolic value. This means sometimes, in theory, trading an auction gun that is worth a lot, for an instrument can be worth it. However, do not let people trick you, something with a “#1000ish” serial may be quite low, but not low enough to trade something much better for it.
I always imagine:
5 Digit = Not low at all.
4 Digit = Decent serial, but not insane.
3 Digit = It is “low” but still not amazing.
2 Digit = Definitely low, and a fairly decent investment, but still try not to get ones that are like “GCP#97” because they can be easily overhyped.
1 Digit = Elite level. Only the top traders can afford these and they are very secure/stable investments.

Ask For Advice

If you are not sure of a trade, ask someone who you know is good at trading, could just be someone who you saw who has a lot of value. However, do not trust anyone who has some decent stuff, I’m referring to people with 10 million value and upwards, maybe 5 million+ if you are desperate. A lot of people will not refund so if you make a mistake it could be difficult to rectify.

Closing Thoughts

Try not to rush into making a trade, take your time, and ensure the deal is good. Seek advice and try not to look desperate or take bad offers because you want to be nice. The Wild West is a very fun game and trading is no exception, so enjoy playing.

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