Review Of Roblox Da Hood

Introduction To Da Hood

Roblox Da Hood is a popular Roblox game in which the core principles are PVP, crime, and police vs criminals. It is largely enjoyed by many players around the world, this article will cover certain aspects of the game and explain their pros and cons to give you an idea of how enjoyable and fun the game is.

Roblox Da Hood PVP

PVP is a HUGE part of Roblox Da Hood and therefore it is important to learn the basics of it. Essentially you can use weapons such as: guns, knives, bats, and even flamethrowers/RPGs. In addition to this, you can also fight with your fists, because (like all melee weapons) you can charge up an attack to one-shot your enemy. This allows for fun strategy and timing to come into play, however, it also allows for cheaters (hackers) to easily be able to kill anyone. Some melee weapons (such as knives) can be found laying on the ground, around the map, whereas other weapons (mainly guns) need to be purchased. You will see how to make the money that is needed to purchase these guns further in this review. Once you “kill” a player, they aren’t actually dead, they will lie on the ground. You then have two options: kill them (by stomping them) or pick them up, taking them somewhere to “kidnap” them. The picking-up mechanic can also be used for saving friends by taking them away from your enemies. You can also get body armor which gives you more health and makes you a harder opponent to kill.

Da Hood Police Gameplay

The police can kill or arrest criminals for their bounty, which allows them a way to make money (although not a very efficient way). When you are arrested you are sent to jail, however, it is extremely easy to escape, you can find a video on it or just work it out for yourself, but it is very simple, and there is only one way to escape (I believe) making the prison slightly outdated and boring to anyone who has played for more than a few months.

Making Money In Da Hood

Making money is done in a few different ways. It can be done at the hospital, where you fetch patients some medication in return for cash, however, this is not very efficient. The main way people make money is by breaking down cash registers/ATMs. This is by far the most efficient way to make money, however, it is very repetitive and can get quite boring over time. In addition, another issue is that there are many hackers who auto-farm and sell the cash for Robux or money, or just keep it, slightly spoiling the economy of the game.
Screenshot of the hospital and an ATM and cash register:

Roblox Da Hood Cash Register

Roblox Da Hood Gamepasses

In all honesty, all of the Da Hood Game passes are quite useless, besides maybe the animation pack (top right of screenshot) which allows you to macro (see more on macroing under “cons”). Most of the game passes are largely outdated and not really useful to the everyday player as they don’t provide much value that can’t already be found very quickly in-game, from playing. In addition, the developer products (like buying money), don’t really give much bang for your buck.

Roblox Da Hood Gamepasses

Pros Of Roblox Da Hood

1. Da Hood has a large and active player base, meaning there will never be empty servers or no one to play with. This helps the game to stay popular, with many loyal fans.
2. In addition, it has many unique guns (such as flamethrowers) that are very enjoyable to use, which gives a reason for the cash grind that is required for them.
3. Some of these guns are also hidden, meaning if you haven’t watched a tutorial, you may have to try and hunt them down which can add some excitement to the game.

Cons Of Roblox Da Hood

1. Parts of the game (such as the cash grind and prison escape) can get very repetitive for older players.
2. There are many hackers who attack players or distribute money, ruining the economy of the game.
3. Macroing (essentially allowing you to move 100s of times faster than intended) ruins the balance of speed, and often PVP because an intense battle can be cut short by someone running in and saving someone, or escaping with a macro. It can also ruin exciting chases, especially since so many people know about them.


In conclusion, some things hold the game back such as; a lack of updates, repetitiveness, and hackers. Nevertheless, the game is still very enjoyable to play, especially once you are past the grindy, more boring part, and into the fun PVP. You can have a lot of fun playing, just as I and thousands of others have!

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