Guide To Roblox Bedwars (2023)

Roblox Bedwars PVP

In this article, I will explain everything you need to know about Roblox Bedwars. The guide will cover weapons, PVP and game mechanics, kits, and more.

PVP – meaning player versus player describes battles you may have with other players. In this game, this may be fighting to: obtain resources, protect or attack a bed, etc

Left click – Swing of a sword or drawing back a bow
Releasing left click – Firing bow
Shift – Activate shift lock (locks your camera – depends on preference)
Scroll wheel – Allows you to zoom in and out of your character (including first-person – depends on preference)

Tips and tricks,
Tip#1 – Try to practice clicking fast, you could use many methods like drag clicking, butterfly clicking or just try to increase normal clicking speeds. This can help you build fast to chase people down or to run away. Also helps to deal damage with a sword.
Tip#2 – Practice aiming with a bow. This will give you an advantage as you can keep opponents at range and deal damage before you go in to fight.

Importance of beds,
Beds allow you to respawn, meaning if you die you will lose resources but ultimately still have a chance at winning the game. There are many methods of defense of beds, however, they vary from early to mid and to late game. As long as you are careful to stay near your bed when possible and use wool at the beginning – and maybe stone or wood at the end, you should be fine with this mechanic and soon develop your own style of defense.

Roblox Bedwars Game Passes

Introduction to Roblox Bedwars game passes,
There are game passes in Bedwars that give you in-game advantages (for example kits). These are useful as many people own them and they can give you an edge in battle. You can also gift game passes if you want to treat a friend or if a friend wants to give one to you.

Roblox Bedwars Battlepass

This is a game pass that allows you to progress throughout a series of rewards to gain rewards such as kits and titles (small tags that appear above your head). This is useful and definitely worth it if you plan on spending longer periods of time to grind out the rewards, however, newer or more casual players may see fewer benefits from this game pass. It is also worth mentioning that there is a free version of the battle pass that gives less frequent and often not-as-good rewards, but it still helps stop the game from becoming boring and repetitive. You can also complete specific missions to more quickly earn XP/levels and therefore, progress through the battle pass.

Roblox Bedwars Kits

Kits are characters that you can become to gain advantage in-game. These kits are very useful, but I would not recommend buying all of them, just a few to fit your play style. I will now share a few kit recommendations of mine.

Kit #1 – Eldertree is a great kit for new players as its principles are very simple and easy to use. You essentially collect orbs around the map, allowing you to grow larger, increasing your max health.

Kit #2 – Grim reaper is a good kit for more experienced players as it allows rewards for killing other players. After you kill a player you press “f” to harvest their soul and it allows you speed and invincibility for 2.5 seconds. This is useful to escape situations or crowd control while on your own or waiting for backup.

Kit #3 – Yuzi is another kit for players with some experience. It allows you to buy special swords in the shop which allow for charged attacks (by holding down left click) and you can leap into the air dealing damage. This can also be used to chase down an enemy or escape an enemy.

Kit #4 – Cyber is another great kit. It allows you to use iron to buy a drone and fly around the map, collecting resources, without leaving the safety of your base. This is especially good if you have a duo with the farmer kit as they can create farms in order to multiply your resources and gain better gear.
You can also use the drone to drop TNT, allowing it to act like air support while you are attacking a bed.

Kit #5 – Trinity is also a very useful kit. Once you get killed you can choose between “Void Angel” or “Light Angel”. Void Angel makes it so that when you attack people and deal damage, you regenerate a small percentage of the damage as your own health (similar to the life-steal enchantment). The light angel is similar but it instead boosts the health of your teammates.

In addition, it is worth noting that every week there are 3 new kits randomly chosen to be accessible to everyone for free. This is to allow players who are not willing to spend money on the game a way to have fun playing, allowing the game to be played by anyone.

Roblox Bedwars Crew creation game-pass

Honestly, unless you plan on investing a lot of time into the game, I wouldn’t recommend this gamepass. It allows you to create a crew for you and friends to join but there aren’t many benefits so unless you are desperate, don’t bother with this one straight away. It is more for players who have already been playing the game, and have enjoyed it, for a while as it is quite pricey.


Enchantments allow you to gain special abilities in the game that may relate to combat or other aspects of the game. I will list some of the most useful enchantments and their effects, and hopefully, you can eventually choose your own style and what enchantments you want to use. You can only have one enchantment active at once.

How to get enchantments
You get enchantments by repairing the enchantment table ( cost 8 diamonds) and then by an enchantment for either 80 iron (basic) or 3 emeralds (advanced – higher level enchantment, meaning stronger/amplified abilities).
In normal rounds, currently, 8 enchants are available: Fire, Static, Plunder, Execute, Critical Strike, Forrest, Cloud and Life Steal.

Explanation of some Roblox Bedwars enchantments
1. Fire – When you attack an enemy, they get normal damage and also get lit on fire. This does tick damage for a while, giving you an advantage in combat, and is a great counter for balloons (which stop people from falling).
2. Life Steal – When you deal damage to an enemy, a percentage of the damage is taken and given to you as health. This is probably the best one as it helps you fight a large number of people without losing too much health and allows you to tank more hits and fight against players in better armor.
3. Cloud – This enchantment allows you to walk in mid-air and over the void. This can help you cross large areas of void and also escape enemies (or
chase them) as you can cut corners and evade easily.
4. Critical Strike – For every hit on an enemy player, there is a chance for a critical strike, which deals increased damage, making it quicker and easier to eliminate opponents.


Forging allows you to pick a certain weapon/path which will last for the duration of the round, working similarly to a skill tree. You can pick between wielding a sword, great hammer, scythe, etc. You gain points throughout the round for different tasks and over time, allowing you to increase your strength. It is also required to progress through different materials of armor and weapons. Once you have picked one of these, you may not go backward and choose another to replace it. 

Further information
Now, if you are looking for something simple, the sword is your best option. It was the basic weapon before the forging update and is always a great pick to use as it is what many players are used to. However, if you are looking to really take advantage of the forging table, you may want to take a different route. The example we will discuss is the great hammer. This hammer allows for slower attack speed, but more powerful attacks with higher damage and likely knockback. In addition, you can hold the left click to charge up a much larger swing to massively increase damage.

An example of what the forge table looks like if the sword path is chosen:

In conclusion, Roblox Bedwars is a very fun game. It is unique, fun, interesting and entertaining for all players. It does not depend on paying money, putting in hours of grinding, or even any dedication at all to have a lot of fun playing, especially with friends.

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